Baha Fresh Cinnabon Mrs. Fields

Raymond Christopher Inc

The Raymond Christopher Enterprises is a Metro Detroit-based private equity firm founded in 2008 with a strategy tailored to meet each of our investors. With over 20 years of experience in developing brands, we have managed the risks and achieved much growth for our clients, focusing on franchises as well as commercial and residential real estate opportunities.  In the restaurant and retail business, we have helped our brands and expanded immensely.


Our current franchise portfolio includes Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, Cinnabon, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, GamePlay, Mrs. Fields Cookies and Sweet Factory.  We also offer commercial and real estate opportunities through Cambridge Investments and Raymond Anthony Real Estate, respectively.  Our distribution network has grown nationally and continues to flourish, creating investment opportunities to meet your goals and exceed your expectations.


For example, we have grown our Cinnabon portfolio to over 30 locations and more than $_15 million in annual gross revenue.  With our resources and knowledge, we have become the fastest growing franchisee of the Cinnabon brand in the world.


By the end of 2013, Raymond Christopher Enterprises will have over 100 retail locations with annual gross revenue of 42 million dollars.  Currently, the company manages over one million square feet of commercial residential and retail buildings.


At Raymond Christopher Enterprises, we tailor to each of our clients’ specific needs, goals and objectives. We believe that we can bring a successful approach to all business propositions, leading to growth and success of your portfolio.  We hope that you share the same outlook as we do, bringing integrity, communication and collaboration to collectively and strategically realize your future.  Thank you for visiting our page, please call us today to schedule a formal overview or consultation.